Tombstone graveyard

After months of sustained pestering and discussion with the council, Bristol MAG is pleased that the "tombstone" bollards along the Clarence Road cycle path are being removed!..>>

Temple Gate consultation

Bristol MAG has submitted the combined response to Bristol City Council's consultation for the Temple gate re-vamp. Well done and thanks to all of the 107 people that contributed with comments, ideas and signatures...>>

Ride & Park

As part of ongoing redevelopment the motorcycle parking in Bristol has changed over the last couple of years. Bristol MAG has helped ensure that bikers have the same total amount of parking and secure parking as before - check the new map for details..>>

The chips are down

Over the last year, many smaller roads in Bristol have been re-dressed with chippings.

Unusually, the loose stuff hasn't gone away - much of it migrating to the crown of the road and the areas around junctions. Have you suffered from this too? Get in touch!

Dawn of the undead

Did we not "kill the spills"? Are they coming back to life?
Do you frequently follow a diesel spill for miles on your morning commute? What other road faults do you face? The only way to get action is to work together so get in touch!

Bristol MAG works to resolve Bristol biking issues, promote awareness of biking and MAG, and support MAG's national activities

Active engagement works

  • Bristol was first to allow motorcycles in bus lanes
  • We've long had dedicated motorcycle parking provision
  • Bristol actively trialled "Get-a-Grip" man-hole covers

To get what we want we must

  • Be positive
  • Act together
  • Explain what we want

The more you tell them, the more they'll do

  • YOUR city councillors
  • YOUR city Mayor
  • YOUR MP and MEP
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